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Thinstuff Xp Vs Server Keygen 16

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Thinstuff Xp Vs Server Keygen 16

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Thinstuff XP/VS Server: A Powerful and Affordable Remote Desktop Solution

If you are looking for a way to enable remote desktop access for multiple users on your Windows PC or server, you might have heard of Thinstuff XP/VS Server. This software allows you to turn any Windows system into a full-featured terminal server, without requiring any additional hardware or licenses. But how does it compare to other solutions, and what are the benefits of using it

In this article, we will review Thinstuff XP/VS Server and show you why it is a great choice for your remote desktop needs.

What is Thinstuff XP/VS Server

Thinstuff XP/VS Server is a software that enables multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions on any Windows system, from XP to 10 and from Server 2003 to 2019. It supports all standard protocols, such as RDP, ICA, and VNC, and allows you to use any compatible client device, such as Windows PCs, Macs, Linux machines, Android devices, iOS devices, and thin clients.

Thinstuff XP/VS Server is easy to install and configure, and does not require any changes to your existing system or network settings. It also integrates seamlessly with Windows security features, such as user accounts, groups, permissions, and policies. You can manage all your remote desktop sessions from a central console, and monitor their performance and status.

What are the advantages of Thinstuff XP/VS Server

Thinstuff XP/VS Server offers many benefits over other remote desktop solutions, such as:

Affordability: Thinstuff XP/VS Server is much cheaper than buying additional Windows licenses or hardware for each user. You only need one license per system, regardless of the number of users or sessions. You can also save on energy and maintenance costs by using less hardware.

Flexibility: Thinstuff XP/VS Server works with any Windows system and any client device. You can use it for various scenarios, such as remote work, education, training, support, gaming, and more. You can also customize the settings and features of each session according to your preferences and needs.

Performance: Thinstuff XP/VS Server delivers high-quality graphics and sound for your remote desktop sessions. It supports multiple monitors, resolutions, color depths, audio channels, and redirections. It also uses advanced compression and encryption algorithms to ensure fast and secure data transfer.

Reliability: Thinstuff XP/VS Server is stable and robust. It does not interfere with other applications or processes on your system. It also supports backup and restore functions, as well as automatic updates.

How to get Thinstuff XP/VS Server

If you are interested in trying Thinstuff XP/VS Server, you can download a free trial version from their official website: The trial version allows you to use up to three concurrent remote desktop sessions for 14 days.

If you want to buy a full license for Thinstuff XP/VS Server, you can choose from four editions: Lite, Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. The prices range from $49.90 to $299.90 per system. You can compare the features and prices of each edition here:

To activate your license, you will need a valid keygen that matches your edition and system ID. You can get a keygen from various sources online, but be careful of malware and scams. We recommend using a trusted and verified keygen provider such as They offer keygens for all editions of Thinstuff XP/VS Server at affordable prices.


Thinstuff XP/VS Server is a powerful and affordable remote desktop solution that can turn any Windows system into a terminal server. It offers many advantages over other solutions in terms of affordability, 061ffe29dd


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