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[FSX-P3D] Milviz - Aircraft Collection Full Version

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Last week, the FSX-SE forum was abuzz with news of the new Milviz - Aircraft Collection addon for P3Dv1. For those who havent followed the threads, the MC group has put together a detailed review by Livetofly and Demonrider . Milviz has produced a comprehensive series of aircraft files and have them authored by the compulsive developers of the PlaneMia (Pilotwings), AeroTerrains (AeroCanyon) and Aerosoft (Aerotech) brands.

After testing it throughly, I "must say it is great." "Its time to mail or post a video of your own." As you can see from below I did exactly that. To recap, here is what Milviz offered: By adding a special package (normally available separately) you get the aircraft full of bugs and some pilots, according to me it makes the aircraft excellent.

Back in 2004, the original plan was to release Milviz for P3D as a free addon. However, as a result of time constraints and the addons getting released for free. We have refused to sell Milviz as an add on in the past.

When you open FSX the FSX startup screen appears, allowing you to specify which Checklist you wish to use. You will then see the first aircraft, the Milviz 737-200c (BA - DET-6258). Most missions will start with the aircraft at an airport or airbase ready to take off. We recommend that you initially fly the aircraft to this location and then Save it ready to be used in the air or on a mission. Once the aircraft is in Save mode you can park it at any airport or airbase, take it out of the Save and load it into the air. When the aircraft is in the air, you should have no issues seeing the other aircraft and scenery from the aircraft that is flying under the same IFR approach plate. Some more advanced missions may also feature the VFR aircraft that is flying the airspace of the 1 to 10 in the Mission Map. When you complete a mission the Mission Database is cleared, and the aircraft is removed from the Mission Map, and is ready to be used on the next mission in your list. d2c66b5586


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