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Te Iubesc Speed Up (30 Min)

Te Iubesc Speed Up (30 Min) --->>>

In recent years, new imagers, interface technologies, and ROI functions have dramatically increased the speed at which these vision systems can operate such that, when combined with sufficient processing power, it becomes possible to trigger hundreds or even thousands of images per second in a high speed inspection setup.

The high speed of modern machine vision systems, however, carries with it a significant challenge in terms of maintaining image quality. This is because higher frame rates (or line rates, in the case of line scan applications) result in shorter exposure windows. At the same time, faster movement of the items under inspection requires the use of extremely fast shutter times to avoid motion blur. The net result is very little time to capture light reflected from the scene.

While this might lead some to shy away from pushing the speed limit, there are a few basic strategies you can utilize to achieve both high quantity and high quality in your machine vision application.

For example, some 2K line scan cameras (2048 pixels per line) offer pixels that are only 7 microns square (7 µm x 7 µm). Moving to a camera with 14 µm pixels offers 4X the collection area (196 µm vs. 49 µm), improving the light sensitivity and the signal-to-noise ratio. A few new line scan cameras are even available with 20 µm pixels, offering more than 8X the sensitivity of the 7 µm cameras, yet still offering a top speed of 80,000 lines per second.

In the above lesson you have the (audio) pronunciation of "să-ți" and "te iubesc".If you know a bit the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) here is the phonetic transcription of "Ar fi trebuit să-ți spun că te iubesc":/ar fi sət͡sʲ spun kə te ju'besk/.If you do not know IPA just say it from your heart and it will be as good or even better than a native speaker.

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