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Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328full ((EXCLUSIVE))rar

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Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar: A Powerful Tool for Seismic Data Processing

Seismic data is essential for exploring the subsurface structure and properties of the earth. However, seismic data comes in various formats and requires specialized software to view, process and interpret it. Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar is a 32-bit Windows program that can handle multiple seismic data formats, including SEG-1, SEG-2, SEG-Y, ASCII, CSV and others. It allows the user to perform simple and advanced operations on the data, such as integration, differentiation, filtering, first break picking, velocity analysis and format conversion. It also functions as a SEG-1 viewer, SEG-2 viewer and SEG-Y viewer.

Features of Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar

Reads and writes SEG-1, SEG-2, SEG-Y, ASCII, CSV and other instrument manufacturerâs multi-channel seismic data formats[^1^]

Displays traces by trace number or trace position, vertically or horizontally, with variable area fill of positive trace[^1^]

Processes the data using integration, differentiation, DC level and linear trend removal, as well as both band-pass and F-K velocity filtering[^1^]

Picks first breaks manually or automatically using four different methods[^1^]

Interprets breaks in terms of a flat 2-layer earth[^1^]

Superimposes Normal Move-Out (NMO) curves or velocity lines on a shot to check the velocity and depth of an apparent reflector or refractor[^1^]

Converts groups of files to SEG-2 or SEG-Y format in batch mode[^1^]

Exports the first break picks to an ASCII file[^1^]

Splits a SEG-Y file containing multiple records into single record files[^1^]

Combines multiple files with identical length records into a single SEG-Y file with multiple records or merges them to create a different set of files[^1^]

Prints or exports trace data as SEG-2, SEG-Y or ASCII formats[^1^]

Benefits of Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar

Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar is a versatile and user-friendly software that can help you manage your seismic data efficiently and effectively. With Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar, you can:

View and process seismic data from various sources and instruments in a single program

Perform quality control and analysis on your seismic data using simple techniques

Output your seismic data in standard formats that are compatible with other software and applications

Save time and money by avoiding the need for multiple software licenses and conversions

How to Download Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar

If you are interested in trying out Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar, you can download it as a shareware product from Interpex's website[^2^]. Shareware means that you can use the software for free for a limited period of time (usually 30 days) before deciding whether to purchase it or not. The unregistered version of Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar does not support batch format conversion or first break export features. To unlock these features and get technical support, you need to purchase a license from Interpex. The current price for a single user license is $495 USD[^3^]. You can also download the PDF manual from the website to learn more about the software's capabilities and functions.


Interpex IXSeg2Segy V328fullrar is a powerful tool for seismic data processing that can handle multiple formats and operations. It is designed to be easy to use and affordable for geophysicists, geologists, engineers and researchers who work with seismic data. If you are looking for a reliable and versatile software for your seismic data needs, you should give Interpex IX aa16f39245


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