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Udemy €? Song Science 3: How To Build Contemporary Song Form TUTORiAL

I'm also a former music instructor with a Fender Grant winning non-profit and teach privately. My students have ranged from signed recording artists and songwriters to working professionals who just love music.

Udemy – Song Science 3: How to Build Contemporary Song Form TUTORiAL


The only objective here is to have fun. Sure, watch a few YouTube tutorials, learn a few things, but above all, experiment. Learn how to put down a basic drum beat. Try recreating the melody from whatever song is stuck in your head.

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In this first part of the masterclass, Nicky takes you through his track creation process, building a song from the initial idea right the way through to an intro to mastering with his "magic mastering chain".

In this chapter, Nicky shows you how to further develop your second drop to make sure it stands out from the rest of the song. The goal here is to keep your track effective and engaging throughout, and to create momentum and energy for a crowd to feed and build off of.

After working on the tone of his lead synth sound, Nicky jumps into the automation of the build-up. Using a filter sweep technique, he shows you how to use different elements from your track to supplement the build-up and reintroduce some energy and tension to the song. 350c69d7ab


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