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as for the people in the inn, they evidently had good ears and eyes, to see and to hear what was going on. it was remarked, moreover, that scott might be looked for, at any moment, when he was needed. so, it was not long before he became aware that mrs. brenton had been received in the study with some embarrassment by a young lady, and that the young lady had then been shown into the tap-room. nevertheless, since scott's mother was still poor, there was some delay before he would take the message. and it was not till he had been away a long time that he was brought back to the house by the sound of his own name, and to the message that he was wanted.

mrs. brenton was in the study, and the young lady in the tap-room. scott's mother looked at the latter, and discovered that she resembled her son. he went into the room. 'i have brought you something to cheer you up' said the young lady, politely. 'some heavy coal for your fire' added the other, and handed him a shilling. he was taken aback by this munificence, and, i'm afraid, by the insubstantiality of the gift. he looked at his mother, and then opened the door. 'no' he said, 'i am not going to take that money. it was unkind of him, it is not wanted; and i don't want the coal, it is smoky. thank you, mrs. brenton, both for yourself and for him, for you have been very kind to us. it was a very good thought, but the coal and the fire will cheer me up just as well as your money. i must be going now.' he was turning to depart, but mrs. brenton asked what he meant, and was told what he meant. she looked at him, and said, 'well, scott, i am really ashamed of this treatment. it was unkind of you, and very rude of him. he should have known that we were poor. he knew it. i know he knew it. and he should have known that i would not take the money. your mother has a fund, scott, which she has never thought it necessary to take from her family. she has meant to leave it to you.' and she named a sum, which was rather small for a doctor's income, but was a very large sum for a young couple, who had barely started in life. 'you have earned it' she said, and she gave him the money, and asked him not to lose the receipt, as she would send him the money again, or what was left of it. but the receipt was never sent. 3d9ccd7d82


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