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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Offline Bots Download

battlefield 2's rush multiplayer mode features a two-lane map with limited visibility. player movement is locked to the lanes. the four player maps feature a variety of obstructions and bridges that restrict the players' sightlines.

battlefield bad company 2 offline bots download

next, you'll choose from one of the five classes: assault, engineer, medic, support and sniper. this will tell you which weapons you can use, how many of them you can carry and whether you can use any other kind of equipment. you'll be given five perks to choose from as well. finally, you'll need to tell the battlefield portal what kind of game mode you're interested in, how many players you'll have, the number of maps available, and the overall difficulty level. that's all the nitty-gritty stuff out of the way. now for some basics.

once that's all done, you'll be asked to download the game. you'll get an internet connection prompt, but if you close it out before you're finished, you won't be asked again. when you get there, the portal will give you some tips on playing. it will also tell you how many players are available, and point out the area of the map where you'll be playing. it will also describe the rewards you'll get for completing various tasks, such as defusing bombs or eliminating enemy forces.

it is not possible to play online or offline in the same mode. when i start a match on a server (pc version), it does not allow me to play on the same account on a pc. when i start a match online, the server tells me that i cannot play on the same account offline.

it is possible to play in both online and offline mode by selecting the single player option in the pause menu. it is not possible to select a map in offline mode and the next time i start the game, i am automatically placed on the same map in online mode.


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