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[S4E3] The Crossing


[S4E3] The Crossing

After June has her romantic moment with Nick on the bridge, she climbs into the back of a truck where all the other Handmaidens are, along with Aunt Lydia. All reunited and on their way to the breeding colony. Then the driver has to stop at a train crossing and tells Aunt Lydia that nature calls.

As a result of recent terror attacks, the British public have become fearful and increasingly conservative. Attacks and riots against asylum seekers are common. MP William Sampson announces he is crossing the floor and will fight an election as a representative of the far right party, The British Way.

Piper is crossing off the demons they've vanquished in the Book of Shadows. Cole is very worried about Piper risking her life to go after every demon she can find. He wants to lay low due to the bounty hunters on his tail, but cares too much about Phoebe to risk losing Piper. Phoebe is just as concerned because since Prue's death they've all but abandoned their old approach to vanquishing demons. Just then, Paige arrives. She's having trouble adjusting to her role as a witch. Piper leaves Phoebe to explain things, and goes to her room to scry for demons. Phoebe wants to stay and talk with Paige, but needs to go talk to Cole. Paige flips through the Book and starts marking it with Post-it notes.

When Stark lost consciousness while crossing the street, it was Hoover who started barking and caught the attention of a distracted driver who was about to crash into them. He also alerted passersby who were able to call for medical help. 59ce067264


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