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Vishnu Puranam In Telugu Mp3 Free [PORTABLE] Download

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Vishnu Puranam in Telugu: An Ancient Hindu Scripture

Vishnu Puranam is one of the 18 major Puranas, or ancient Hindu scriptures, that narrate the history and mythology of the universe and its inhabitants. It is mainly devoted to the stories and teachings of Lord Vishnu, one of the supreme deities in Hinduism. Vishnu Puranam consists of six books and 126 chapters, covering topics such as cosmology, genealogy, ethics, geography, festivals, temples, and more.

If you are interested in reading or listening to Vishnu Puranam in Telugu, you can find some online sources that offer free downloads of the text and audio files. Here are some of them:

Vishnu Poorana Telugu by K. Bhavanarayana: This is a Telugu translation of the Vishnu Purana published in 1930. You can read it online or download it in various formats from the Internet Archive[^1^].

VISHNU PURANAM, SRI VISHNU PURANAM: This is a Telugu audio version of the Vishnu Purana recorded by Alvandar Srinivasan. You can listen to it online or download it in MP3 format from the Internet Archive[^2^]. It has 17 files with a total duration of 17.3 hours.

Download Ved Puran: This is a website that offers free downloads of various Vedas and Puranas in different languages. You can find the Telugu audio version of the Vishnu Purana under the Mahakavya section[^3^]. It has five files with a total size of 494 MB.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Vishnu Puranam in Telugu and appreciate its spiritual and cultural value.Some of the main themes and stories of Vishnu Puranam are:

The creation and dissolution of the universe by Vishnu, who manifests as Brahma and Shiva respectively.

The incarnations or avatars of Vishnu, such as Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki.

The dynasties and kings of the solar and lunar races, such as Manu, Ikshvaku, Dasharatha, Rama, Pandu, Yudhishthira, Krishna, Kuru, and Parikshit.

The description and glory of various sacred places and rivers in India, such as Prayaga, Varanasi, Kanchi, Gaya, Naimisha, Sarasvati, Ganga, Yamuna, and Narmada.

The rules and duties of the four varnas (classes) and the four ashramas (stages) of life.

The festivals and rituals that honor Vishnu and his devotees, such as Ekadashi, Janmashtami, Rama Navami, Narasimha Jayanti, and Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

Vishnu Puranam is a rich source of wisdom and inspiration for Hindus and anyone who is interested in learning more about the ancient Indian culture and spirituality. It teaches us about the supreme power and compassion of Vishnu, who protects and preserves the world in times of crisis. It also teaches us about the importance of dharma (righteousness), bhakti (devotion), karma (action), and moksha (liberation) in our lives. ec8f644aee


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