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Ten Sharp - Under The Waterline - Music-lovers Rg - 320kbps

Ten Sharp - Under The Waterline - Music-lovers Rg - 320kbps ->>->>->>

Ten Sharp - Under The Waterline: A Classic Pop Album from the 90s

If you are a fan of pop music from the 90s, you might have heard of Ten Sharp, a Dutch band that achieved international success with their hit single "You". But did you know that they also released a great album called Under The Waterline in 1991 In this article, we will explore the background, songs and legacy of this underrated gem.


Ten Sharp was formed in 1984 by vocalist Marcel Kapteijn and keyboardist Niels Hermes. They started as a rock band, but later switched to a more pop-oriented sound. Their first single, "When The Snow Falls", was released in 1985, but it did not chart. They continued to release singles and perform live, but they did not gain much attention until 1991, when they released "You".

"You" was a ballad with a catchy piano melody and a powerful vocal performance by Kapteijn. It became a huge hit in Europe and reached number one in several countries, including France, Germany and Sweden. It also reached number ten in the UK and number 25 in the US. The song was featured in the soundtrack of the movie Indecent Proposal, starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore.

Following the success of "You", Ten Sharp released their debut album Under The Waterline in March 1991. The album was produced by Michiel Hoogenboezem and Niels Hermes, and recorded at Spitsbergen and Wisseloord Studios in the Netherlands. The album contained seven tracks, including "You", "Ain't My Beating Heart" and "When The Spirit Slips Away". However, by the time "You" became a national hit, the album was expanded in April of the same year with three new songs: "Rich Man", "Some Sails" and "Closing Hour". The album now had ten tracks, hence the name Ten Sharp.


Under The Waterline is a pop album with elements of synth-pop, rock and ballads. The songs are mostly written by Ton Groen, who also co-wrote "You" with Hermes. The lyrics deal with themes such as love, loneliness, dreams and spirituality. The album showcases the talents of Kapteijn as a singer and Hermes as a keyboardist and programmer. They are also joined by other musicians such as Tom Barlage on saxophone, Hugo de Bruin on guitar and Rob Jansen on drums.

The album opens with "You", the hit single that made Ten Sharp famous. It is a beautiful song that expresses the longing for a lost love. Kapteijn sings with emotion and passion, while Hermes plays a memorable piano riff that supports the melody. The song has a simple structure, but it is very effective and catchy.

The second track is "When The Spirit Slips Away", a mid-tempo song that explores the idea of life after death. It has a synth-pop sound with a prominent bass line and some guitar riffs. Kapteijn sings about his hopes and fears for the afterlife, while Hermes adds some atmospheric keyboards and backing vocals.

The third track is "Rich Man", one of the new songs added to the album. It is an upbeat song that criticizes the materialism and greed of some people. It has a funky groove with horns, guitar and saxophone. Kapteijn sings sarcastically about how some people think they can buy happiness with money, while Hermes plays some catchy synth hooks.

The fourth track is "Ain't My Beating Heart", another hit single from the album. It is a ballad that describes the pain of breaking up with someone you still love. It has a soft rock sound with acoustic guitar, piano and drums. Kapteijn sings with sincerity and emotion, while Hermes adds some subtle keyboards and backing vocals.

The fifth track is "Lonely Heart", a song that expresses the feeling of isolation and emptiness. It has a synth-pop sound with some rock elements. Kapteijn sings about how he feels alone and misunderstood, while Hermes plays some dark and moody keyboards.

The sixth track is "Who Needs Women", a song that mocks the macho attitude of some men who think they don't need women in their lives. aa16f39245


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