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Motion Design School MAD VFX In After Effects UPDATED ((FULL))


Motion Design School MAD VFX In After Effects UPDATED ((FULL))

They met in hotel and after few days they decided to see more and stay in Paris. They went to the temple night on river and then they went to a romantic dais by the river and they both lost track of time. And when they were about to get up, they had a good understanding and were together in that moment. Then they both looked at each other and smiled and went back for their room and in their room, they made love and then they were in bed still watching the sunrise and they fell asleep. Next morning they woke up and had breakfast and Ishkq had to leave for home. Akash was disappointed from the night and says they have done nothing. Ishkq tells Akash she will come to Paris. On their way home, they saw Paris in the evening and they also walked along the river and they didn't regret that they met each other. From that day that they met it was. He waited for Ishkq but Ishkq didn't reply his calls and emails. There is such a love that you feel when you are in office that you got attracted to your work. You know that 1+1=2 irrespective of where you are. Akash used to get that feeling while he was waiting for Ishkq. They were doing everything without talking to each other. There was no ups and downs in their relationship. There was a bond already. That time there was no separation, everything was perfect. He used to date near Ishkq. Then Krishnan from the office told Akash that Ishkq broke up with him and Akash was broken because of her antics. But once again Akash's love won over and he tried his limit to win Ishkq back. He went to a Milan office trip as Ishkq. He went and sat, took a girl picture and waited for Ishkq. But Ishkq didn't come and after half day, it was confirmed that Ishkq had left and broken Akash's heart. But Akash never ever went back to that love she took away from him.

Now he didn't believe anyone or anything. He was on his own in the world. His heart was filled with pain and there was just Ishkq. He cried all his life and then he became an expert in his research work. d2c66b5586


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