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How Pdplayer Can Enhance Your 3D CG and VFX Workflow with Real-Time Color Correction and Composition

Pdplayer is a real time stereo display of 3D image sequences, including 3D movies, live stereo imaging for stereoscopic viewing, pictures and stereoscopic images (left, right, front, back, mirror and inverted) or 2D images with variable brightness and contrast for monitor viewing. Pdplayer works with most of the commercially available stereo and computer-generated 3D display systems in almost all types of image sequences including 16bit/24bit, HD, 2K, 8K, 4K, cinema 4K and live imaging (3D motion captured stereo).

Pdplayer (64-bit) - Play images of 3D CG and VFX sequences

Download Zip:

Pdplayer features support for all major media and devices including computer monitors, 3D displays, 3D projectors, 3D test and measurement equipment as well as professional and home stereo equipment. Pdplayer supports most widely used digital and analog media formats including 3D Cinema, 3D television, stereoscopic sequences, stereoscopic pictures, normal pictures (left, right, front, back, mirror and inverted) and monitor picture viewers. Pdplayer also supports viewing of movies, pictures and medical images directly from CD/DVD or SD card. In addition Pdplayer can play digital audio and stereo recorded audio as well as video recorded with consumer camcorders and tape recorders.

Pdplayer is the best solution for displaying 3D movies directly from CD/DVD or SD card, at home or on the stage using many available home projectors and 3D displays. The use of Pdplayer with 3D displays is independent of the files storage format on the source disc or filecard. Pdplayer is a solution which is free of the copy protection and access restrictions of 3D files and gives the best experience as a 3D images filetype. Although Pdplayer is closed source, it runs without any copy protection on all commonly used platforms including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, as well as on Mac OS X.


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