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I have and used far cry 3 and was pretty happy with it, I calculated my XP SP4 pro cd key on another computer and it was 0000-0000 and on my new machine it was 0000-0023. I tried to install SP2 and it wouldn't install but I think I'm having the same problem as the others using an XP Pro DVD and, unfortunately, seriously think before you write this. I put the XP Pro DVD on my new machine and it wouldn't installed, I tried about 10 CD keys and they all didn't work.

Yes, I caught that too. I uninstalled Far Cry 3 and re-installed and it worked fine. Then, the issue went away. I immediately went to Adobe and Uninstalled Flash and Flash Builder to make sure it was really at fault and it was.

I get the same error when using CD key 0000-0000 and 0000-0000 as well but i've also tried some other CD keys and they also cant work. Even when i re install the game i still get it and everytime i try using CD key 0000-0000 in the game it says the key is wrong. I'm thinking of reinstalling XP. d2c66b5586


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