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Official Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro YT3-X90F Stock Rom REPACK

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Official Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro YT3-X90F Stock Rom REPACK

if you decide to wipe the data on the tablet, you'll have to go into the custom recovery and select the wipe option. there's a warning that appears if you wipe the data without having a backup. if you do have a backup, i would recommend erasing the data on the tablet. it's just good practice.

but there are some things that i found worth pointing out that the lenovo offered you. first, you can get the flex pencil out of the box, but i found it to be a little sloppy, as it's not really secure like it's supposed to be. you can also get the lenovo welcome guide, a neat little booklet that gives you all kinds of help while you're using your new lenovo. there are some handy tips in there like how to use the return key, how to scroll, how to use google, and how to set the android notifications. there are also multiple use cases for all of the tools the lenovo came with, like the quick mount camera tool, the quick mount bluetooth tool, the quick mount bluetooth setup tool, and the quick mount hdmi tool. the quick mount bluetooth setup tool is particularly useful for making sure that your bluetooth devices are working.

the lenovo also comes with the lenovo sparx clean solution and the lenovo sparx power saving tool. i found that the sparx clean solution worked well, but you may find that you don't need it in your kitchen. that's because i use a glass-and-silicone sponge that i keep in the refrigerator in order to clean up my tablet's screen every day. i've used a lot of different cleaning solutions over the years, and i can say that the sparx clean solution is among the best. it is strong and works pretty well, though it did take longer than the other sponges i've tried. 3d9ccd7d82


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