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17 Signs You Work With ???ําเสื้อยืดขาย 3.1 3.1

If your company decides to apply for the BOI promotion certificate, the foreign employee who will be working in Thailand can apply for an extension of his/her Non-B visa and a work permit through BOI in the Foreign Expert Services Division. I have attached the work permit form:-Application for WP,which is used to apply for a work permit through BOI. In order to apply for an extension of visa and a work permit for a foreign employee, the company needs to make requests for position approval and bringing in foreign experts. These requests can be submitted online through the e-Expert system but the company must submit the agreement to use the system at the Foreign Expert Services Division in Bangkok first.

17 Signs You Work With ทําเสื้อยืดขาย 3.1 3.1

In case your company decides not to apply for the BOI promotion certificate, then the foreign employee will need to fill out the Form WP.1, please read a guide of:-WP.1form and can submit it directly at the Department of Employment in the province where your company located in, along with other required documents as follows:

In order to export your products to the U.S. your company needs to register an exporter license at the Customs Department Building 120 Years, Ground Floor. Please see the attached:Map. and:Customs License Registration. which is available only in Thai and must be filled out in Thai as well. Mr. Chakri (02-667-5870), a Customs officer, suggested that your company fill out the form in pages 1,2,3,5 and 7 and submit the form with the following documents:

An officer in the Registration Section at the Customs Department, clarified the information about what the Customs Department does. The Customs issues a document that your company needs to attach with other documents when sending out your products including samples. In order for the Customs to do so, your company needs to register to become an exporter. 350c69d7ab


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