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Item.pak Aion 3.7

hi there, i am playing aion with my friends. i want to thank the company i am playing with, they have bought all the subs that the game need. But on aion you have to grind not only in the shop, you have to grind ore and gems to get the items to buy the subs. so where can i get the ore and gems? Is there any server where i can get the ore and gems? thank you so much

Item.pak Aion 3.7

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I like the idea of a large PvP scene. The problem with that is that it isnt going to happen in the long term, if it ever happens. The people who play it and are "good at it" are going to keep playing it, and the people who are "bad at it" will keep getting ganked and the ones who are "average" will get ganked in large numbers as well. That is why I think PvP will actually hurt Aion and Aion3 (though the PvP in Aion3 will be really good), because there will be fewer and fewer people playing it.

Aion is one of those games that contains many different worlds. Each world is like a game itself, with different combat, farming, design, and other game mechanics. It is not a MMO, it is not a real-time strategy game, and it is not a turn-based RPG. It is a different game for different players (some of them are themselves different games, such as a tower defense game for some, and a real-time racing game for others). As a general rule, the more things that you can do in a game, the more enjoyable it is. A real-time strategy game is simpler than other games, and a tower defense game is simpler than other games. Aion tries to make as many different types of games as possible, because it does not want to limit the player's choices.


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