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Dune Picture For Mac BEST

The new desktop backgrounds include one picture of sand dunes basked in sunlight for the light theme of macOS Mojave, and another showing the same sand dunes draped in darkness lit by nothing but moonlight and stars for the dark theme of macOS Mojave.

Dune Picture For Mac

Once the image is loaded in a new browser window at full resolution, you can set the picture as a desktop wallpaper from Safari directly on the Mac, or you can save the image locally and then set it as the Mac desktop background that way too. Naturally iPhone and iPad users can set a custom wallpaper using the image saved from the web too.

I just upgraded to OSX Mojave and would like to change the wallpaper picture of the login screen. I'd prefer something more colorful than a shaded sand dune. Can this wallpaper be changed? If so, how?

You are correct that there was only one Mojave.heic in Library/Desktop Pictures. I took the steps suggested and renamed my selected picture Mojave.heic. My selected picture is the only Mojave.heic in that folder, but it still does not work, so there must be another issue involved. I saw another post that pointed to File Vault being enabled (the default of Mojave) as a culprit, but I have not yet figured out how to overcome that obstacle and still have File Vault enabled.

If I understand your question, this might do it. In Settings, click on Desktop and Screen Saver. There are several selections there and you can create your own folder of wallpaper pictures to add to the possibilities.

I finally got my login window changed from the sand dune to a picture of my choice. The obstacle was File Vault. By default it was enabled, so I disabled it (a long time was taken while the OS unencrypted by HD). Then I was able to take the steps to get rid of the sand dune picture and rename my preferred picture as Mojave.heic. I then shut down my laptop and did a reboot. Once I rebooted, I enabled File Vault (again many hours while the OS encrypted my HD). Once File Vault was fully enabled, I shut down my MacBook Pro and rebooted. The login window then came up with my preferred picture.

With all the talk around Mojave's color-changing sand dune on the new desktop wallpaper, does anyone know where that photograph was taken? Obviously dunes are more transient than mountains, lakes and trees, so I wonder if the photo is a real place or simply an animation.

When I search for "Mojave dunes" the first result is a place called Kelso Dunes, in the Mojave National Preserve. This looks like it could be the place, with the dunes set at the foot of Granite Peak and the Providence Mountains.

There are many dunes in the Mojave with big mountains nearby. I haven't been to Kelso Dunes and there are others in the Preserve but my guess is Amargosa Big Dune in Nevada near Death Valley National Park, except that Apple focuses on California usually. There is plenty of Mojave Desert in Nevada and some in Utah and Arizona do maybe California isn't the default this time. Anyway, Big Dune is pretty cool.

Looked at my pictures of and from the top of Kelso dunes.... the mountains look too far away for it to be from there but I can't say for sure. Fun dunes to climb though, they "boom" as you slide down them!!

A photographer with a big telephone lens can shorten the distance behind the dune to make the mountains seem nearby. I'm sure that was done for this photo but hard to say how much distance was fore-shortened.

SAHARAA blind tee shot over a sand dune to a fairway that falls away from you. Draw a driver around the old Port Orford Cedar and give yourself a chance to get near the green. A hybrid or middle iron off the tee will leave you a short iron for your second shot.

LEVENA short par four with a green nestled in between two sand dunes. The best position is just past the bunker in the right-center of the fairway, leaving a full shot into the hole. This green slopes from left to right, play accordingly.

These rides started in 1930. It was entertainment for Mac and the family at first. However, neighbors and persons passing by were so interested in his discovery that they talked Mac into making dune scootering a business.

In addition to riding the dunes, the area has miles of shoreline with beaches, scenic parks and trails, lush farmland, and historic sites. For instance, you can find great beaches at Charles Mears State Park and Claybanks Township Park.

Silver Lake and the surrounding communities of Mears and Hart offer many unique dining opportunities. Whether you want quick or sit-down service, the restaurants will keep you fueled during your sand dunes adventures.

Surrounding the sand dunes at Silver Lake are plenty of places for you to rest and stay for a while. From hotels, bed and breakfasts, and cottages, there are lodging options for everyone. Here are a few favorites:

MacOS Mojave introduces Dynamic desktop, a desert landscape wallpaper with shifting light. It features 16 images of the same sand dune scene but at different times of the day -- going from bright morning to warm afternoon to cool evening, with the shadows and clouds changing and the sky lightening and darkening as you go. Dynamic desktop changes from one image to the next throughout the day. It's a really fun feature.

With your folder of 24 Mojave images set, open System Preferences, click Desktop & Screen Saver and click the Desktop tab at the top. Next, drag your folder to the left-hand column under Folders. Check the box for Change picture and set it to Every hour. 350c69d7ab


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