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Driver Pos Lfs WORK

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Starting with Kubernetes version 1.26, in-tree persistent volume types and are deprecated and will no longer be supported. Removing these drivers following their deprecation is not planned, however you should migrate to the corresponding CSI drivers and To review the migration options for your storage classes and upgrade your cluster to use Azure Disks and Azure Files CSI drivers, see [Migrate from in-tree to CSI drivers][migrate-from-in-tree-to-csi-drivers].

Azure Disks CSI driver v2 (preview) improves scalability and reduces pod failover latency. It uses shared disks to provision attachment replicas on multiple cluster nodes and integrates with the pod scheduler to ensure a node with an attachment replica is chosen on pod failover. Azure Disks CSI driver v2 (preview) also provides the ability to fine tune performance. If you're interested in participating in the preview, submit a request: This preview version is provided without a service level agreement, and you can occasionally expect breaking changes while in preview. The preview version isn't recommended for production workloads. For more information, see Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

It may take several minutes to complete this action. Once it's complete, you should see in the output the status of enabling the driver on your cluster. The following example resembles the section indicating the results when enabling the Blob storage CSI driver:

If you've created in-tree driver storage classes, those storage classes continue to work since CSI migration is turned on after upgrading your cluster to 1.21.x. If you want to use CSI features you'll need to perform the migration.

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