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Best Buy Geek Squad Staten Island

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Best Buy Geek Squad Staten Island

went to store to up with grandson 07/07 19 I wanted to upgrade my phone and get phone for grand son ,.Kenny Q WAS the salesman HE assured me upgrading would be easy not because he said I need to come back to finish and he off the next two days I also told him while i'm there need to get phone for my8year old grandson need a case for phone so he want break it and I add to sprint account I brought phone it cost $100.well before I could go back for him to finish my down loads .and he couldn't help me with a case for grand child phone .nor did he suggest policy protections with sprint .the grand child phone drop out his hand broken went back to store told him I was nt satisfy with his service nor like the fact that grand child phone broken not warranted he said he couldn't help me called manager britt she said she cant do anything about I even told kenny that I wanted to buy another phone he said if I did the same phone would be 3oo and something dollars I brought the phone for one hundred and was the worst experience at best buy long story short call several times the product warranty people told to go to best buy in bluffton sc and give them a call I did they told me to go to the geek squad I did that handed my phone to a man there he talk with them and told me to talk to the next desk which was customer service..they called the manager on duty he said he remembered me from the day I spoke with britt and he wish that he could help me but he cant so it made me mad and very disappointed with this store.

I purchased a samsung washer and dryer from your open box dept. Upon the initial delivery 5 days after purchase, the washer was damaged. The plug was broken. At that time, customer service offered to over night the part and have the geek squad come to repair and install it the next day. That did not happen. We received the part the next day and 4 days after that, the geek squad came and replaced the plug but nobody came from installation. After several calls, we were promised (actually, guaranteed) that today (July 17th) that we were manually placed on the install list and that we would get service between 5-7 pm. I called this morning to confirm. Nobody came. We spoke to several people, including the General Manager from Eatontown. at no time did anyone offer a solution. So for 3 1/2 weeks I have been unable to do my laundry due to the incompetency of your company. I have NEVER dealt with a customer service like this before where nobody will give their names or take responsibility for what has happened. So I have taken delivery based on a company promise and the machines sit in my garage uninstalled. I have taken 3 separate days off from wrk and have lost several hundred dollars in wages and something that should be so simple, has become a nightmare with no end in sight. I have no idea what to do at this point. If this is not resolved tomorrow, I will dispute the charge with my credit card company and refuse to pay for the items that you happily took my money for 3 weeks ago. I am so angry and disappointed. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Nobody has a clue what is going on and nobody has the ability to commit or problem solve. It is a wonder that you are still in business.

No agent showed up for my scheduled smart home service. Called support they said they would get back they did not. Terrible service, very disappointed, have been a geek squad tech support for many years.

I called geek squad which I pay an annual fee to help set up a new printer that I bought at Best Buy. The people online couldn't help me fix the problem because they don't speak and/or understand English. Now I have to have some one come out which costs 49.95, what a rip off. If you are considering buying this service the only thing I can say is DON'T!

My dryer wouldn't dry and I called best buy and the problem and geek squad schedule an appointment with a tech to come and fix on 5/16/19 between 8 t


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