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Transas Navi Sailor 4000 Ecdis I With Licence Wf43

technology in the navi is the new standard to make safe navigation more effective. all vessels are provided with a ship secure system, the transas navi ecis. the ecis is connected to the onboard system (ais) of the vessel, where all important data is reported in real time. navi 2000 will automatically log a ship activity.

Transas Navi Sailor 4000 Ecdis I With Licence Wf43

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achieved this summer, with a product upgrade transas navi-sailor 4000 gained added enhancements to support high-powered data screens, additional chart types, beam and laylines labels and legends, as well as full multilanguage support, along with dataslides and the ec-deluxe extensions that allow for the navigation and route planning of vessels all on-board navi-sailor 4000. in addition, transas navi-sailor 4000 can handle google-maps as well as other challenging mapping data.

the transas navi-sailor sdk, along with the transas navi-sailor extension, ships in the sdk of transas navi-sailor 2000 and is delivered on all transas piloting systems. it is a vendor-neutral, java-based sdk that was developed by transas for a wide range of charting needs, including paper chart, electronic chart, chart overlay, navigation planning, vessels tracking.

the transas navi-sailor sdk provides a framework for the user to create his own custom chart types and overlays. custom chart types can be used in navi-planner or the transas navi-sailor extensions. they can be then installed on-board the transas navi-sailor 2000, 2000-m or 4000.

with the transas navi-sailor ecdis your master will not only be able to follow and follow, but will also be able to navigate around and through them. this will give you full control and easy navigation, especially when you think of the ils/sht/vhf help you could get from the ecdis and where you will be able to get the latest update on your ecdis display. the transas navi-sailor ecdis will also provide display of the ils/sht and vhf displays together with the assistance of the pilot information screen (pis) display. this eliminates human error and it really does make for a safe and comfortable environment.


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