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Solution Manual Digital Telephony 3rd Ed John Bellamy 23

for modern operating systems, such as windows 10, the unity 3d application programming interface (api) allows rapid development of ar/vr. unity 3d is built on top of the open opengl standard, making it a portable application programming interface for developing ar/vr.

Solution Manual Digital Telephony 3rd Ed John Bellamy 23

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security, privacy, and compliance with any application, privacy and security concerns are always a potential challenge. these challenges are magnified for the ar/vr in-car and enterprise environments. however, recent improvements in technology for ar/vr (e.g., real-time face tracking) can minimize the security and privacy concerns associated with in-car applications. users are increasingly giving greater value to privacy and control of their data. for example, some will install protective apps on their mobile devices to block access to their location. similarly, mobile workers are increasingly exercising control over their access to company data. convenience has led to erosion of privacy protections, and we are entering a new era of personal information. while ar/vr applications can be developed with the least amount of privacy and security concerns, robust design principles can help to minimize the overall risk.

to provide a universal or consistent vr/ar experience across enterprise and in-car environments requires seamless integration with enterprise systems and databases. it also requires integration of current database technology with ar/vr frameworks. to handle data from dozens or even hundreds of spatial input devices, where data may include visual, audible, and tactile inputs (each may be encoded in different ways), many organizations are using master data management techniques to aggregate data from different sources and then organize it by the virtual environment. master data management systems provide standards that ar/vr developers can use to build tools that support the organizations ar/vr requirements.


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