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Since the removal of the Lua compiler from the Roblox client, Roblox made heavy changes to the Lua VM. Roblox-compatible bytecode after the change contained heavy use of encryption and obfuscation and required special signing from the server, which is where all client scripts are compiled. The Lua compiler was removed from Roblox to remove the use of Lua enabling this bytecode.

Because of this, people have made or re-made the reverse-engineering process and built up a considerable body of knowledge on how to have an effective program. But as Roblox has forbidden the Lua compiler from the client, anything written around that language can be easily avoided. This, in turn, has led to a lot of script-tampering exploits, such as the DLL script pack, which was built to quickly edit itself and prevent users from taking pictures of the decals and replacing them with new ones. Just when users thought they've taught an exploitor a lesson, Roblox came back with the Experimental Mode game.

The Experimental Mode game was a new experiment to the Roblox server, a new game mode that any player can gain access to without needing to buy the game. The Experimental Mode game only has a few restrictions, and players who get the access to this experimental mode have been able to experience a whole new version of the Roblox platform.

Unfortunately, while this new feature has ascertained a number of features, it has also made the Experimental Mode game quite a risky platform. The vulnerabilities of the Experimental Mode game have been known for some time. Although Napier has claimed that he was working to fix the Experimental Mode game after the issues with the Lua compiler's removal, he and his team were not able to do much to fix the game.

The Roblox team has made attempts to fix some of the problems that come with the Experimental Mode game. For example, they brought back the Lua compiler and have released patches to add their expertise and help fix other vulnerabilities in the Experimental Mode. However, there are still a number of critical issues that remain, and other users are not able to access the Experimental Mode game. d2c66b5586


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