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Outkast Stankonia Zip Mediafire

outkast is a band, and the third of their albums that combines soul and rap is a concept album. b.o.b. ya olde is the musical equivalent of a movie script, and even the album name has a double meaning. by the 80s, the name of the album is homage to a new wave band of that era. the album also makes reference to the classic rap album whodini, whose name is also spelled out at the end of the album. by the end of the 90s, outkast had become a pop-rap phenomenon, and their audience demanded a musical narrative. ya olde is a story about how atlanta and the south became a booming music scene, and how the music was spread through a cross-section of the country. there are no rap songs on the record, and there are no soul songs. instead, there are only stories, the likes of which the group had never attempted. the album succeeds because of the narrative, and the album is the only one where big boi is a true lead singer. while andre 3000 will always have a greater range, he had never been a singer, and while his voice is among the most distinctive of all time, he lacked the emotional range to tell a story. for the first time he is able to do so, and the result is one of the great albums of the 2000s.

Outkast Stankonia Zip Mediafire

theres something about the stankonia album that is truly timeless. its an undisputed classic of the 90s. it proved to the world that the atlanta rap scene was so strong that you could produce a classic without sounding like a complete fuck up. its the sound of atlanta. i cant think of a better introduction to the city. and the video is well, the best video ever.


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