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What You Need to Know About Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor Patch 2602 To 2700 28

the game brings forth a greater diversity of armies, a deeper narrative and interpretation of the european theatre of wwii and, most importantly, a complex campaign design based around the meta map and persistent armies. an unqualified success, company of heroes 2 has received dozens of best of awards and continues to outperform its predecessor.

Company Of Heroes Tales Of Valor Patch 2602 To 2700 28

as i mentioned in a previous blog post, company of heroes tales of valor is a stand-alone expansion. the expansion has a new campaign, two new factions, and a new mode. below are some things you can do if you've already bought the game and have downloaded the new expansion:

this is the patch for company of heroes telltale game. in this patch we added new weapons for americans m1 garand and m1a1 thompson, for british forces we added p.h. stinger and for japanese forces we added type 99.this patch is compatible with all versions!

the sturmgeschutze was first seen in action in the last two missions during the falaise pocket, starting with the autry mission. joseph gunter schultz and his tiger ace tank along with a few other tigers were sent to guard the escape route in this mission. captain schultz's tiger tank in particular is incredibly tough as it has twice the amount of hitpoints of the average tiger tank and is equipped with a smokescreen. it also has a surprisingly short repair duration similar to a normal tiger tank. able company will usually have a hard time during this mission. during the last mission- chambois, the german seventh army makes its final attempt at escaping the falaise pocket. when able company successfully captures all strategic points and closes the road, the german seventh army sends tigers in an attempt to reopen it. able company must destroy all the tiger tanks and close the road of chambois, cutting off the only escape route of the german seventh army.


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