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Mks-20 Piano Module Mksensation


Mksensation: The Ultimate Live Gigging Module with MKS-20 Sounds

If you are looking for a virtual instrument that can deliver the most authentic and expressive sounds of the legendary Roland MKS-20 piano module, look no further than Mksensation by Gospel Musicians. Mksensation is a live gigging module that features 85 high quality stacked presets, 362 individual sounds, and a 51 GB sound library that covers all the bread and butter sounds any urban musician could ever need.

Mksensation is not just a sample library of the MKS-20 sounds, but a complete emulation of the SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) technology that made the MKS-20 so unique and expressive. SAS was designed to emulate a real piano with a ton of expressiveness per velocity, without using samples. Mksensation captures the nuances and dynamics of the original module, and adds some modern features and enhancements to make it even more versatile and powerful.

With Mksensation, you can layer and stack up to 8 sounds for a massive and rich sound, or use the dedicated split mode to create complex textures and arrangements. You can also host your own plugins and effects, and mix them with the Mksensation sounds for endless possibilities. You can also run all the plugins and sounds through the Mksensation effects and synthesis engine, which includes chorus, reverb, delay, EQ, filter, LFO, envelope, and more.

Mksensation is not only about the MKS-20 sounds, but also includes some of the most sought after "old school" EPs, such as the Dyno of the o1w, the Power Grand, and the EPs of the TX816. You also get synth brass from the JD990, synths, strings, pads, basses, and more. All of these sounds can be layered and mixed with the MKS-20 sounds as desired. This library is designed as the all purpose performance digital piano library that you can load up and use on every gig or studio session.

If you want to experience the nostalgia and magic of the MKS-20 piano module, but with more flexibility and functionality than ever before, you need to check out Mksensation by Gospel Musicians. It is available for Kontakt 5.3 or higher (full version required), and it costs $199.99. You can also get a free expansion pack featuring Raymond Darius Jackson's sounds for Mksensation. For more information, demos, and purchase options, visit

Mksensation is not only a great sounding module, but also a very easy to use and intuitive one. The interface is designed to give you quick access to all the parameters and functions you need, without cluttering the screen with unnecessary options. You can easily switch between presets, layers, splits, effects, and plugins with a single click. You can also adjust the volume, pan, transpose, tune, and velocity curve of each layer independently. You can also save and load your own custom patches and settings for future use.

One of the most impressive features of Mksensation is the live gigging mode, which allows you to perform seamlessly without any interruptions or glitches. You can preload up to 16 patches in the background, and switch between them instantly with the press of a key. You can also assign different MIDI channels to each layer, and control them with different keyboards or controllers. This way, you can create complex and dynamic arrangements on the fly, without having to load or unload any sounds.

Mksensation is not just a module for piano players, but also for producers and composers who want to add some vintage and organic flavor to their tracks. Mksensation is compatible with any DAW that supports VST, AU, or AAX plugins, and it can be used as a standalone application as well. You can also drag and drop MIDI files from Mksensation to your DAW, and edit them as you wish. You can also export your Mksensation sounds as WAV files, and use them in any sampler or software of your choice.

Mksensation is the ultimate live gigging module with MKS-20 sounds, and much more. It is a trib


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