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The new beta also adds many bug fixes for the Steam Edition of FSX. Read all of the details here. Unfortunately, it's only being released for the Steam Edition so boxed users won't be able to install the update (from what we are aware).

It's likely (even though you are reading about FSX) that you have moved over to the new MSFS platform already - or at least given it an install and play around. If so, you may be interested to know that we are now supporting this new simulator in our add-ons library. You can view all of the latest MSFS add-ons in our library here (just like FSX). Expect it to grow exponentially over the coming months.

Ian Stephens is a flight simulation industry expert with over 20 years of experience and also has a keen interest in aviation and technology. Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available. However, Ian also has copies of Prepar3D and X-Plane installed.

Having owned all of the MS flight simulators, since its inception, I say this is the best one yet.The main change is the vs2013 compiler.It is improving frame rates considerably. Having recently bought a new computer, with Windows 8.1 pre installed, there is no way I am going back to the disk version.The only drawback for me is no lan available for my Wideview cockpit. This consists of 3 computers and 5 screens. Also you have to connect via Steam.

I've had fsx since it was first released. I've spent a fortune on add ons and a few months ago finally built a monster pc to max it out. I liked the idea of a steam edition with less bugs so I bought it. Big mistake. My fsx and add ons are on a seperate ssd, the os and drivers on an ssd and the rest including steam on a 2tb hdd. Since installing steam ed my original fsx would not get passed the main menu without crashing. The only way I got it to work was a full os reinstall to clear the registry and complete reinstall of fsx after getting rid of the steam ed. also to add every add on isn't compatible as the article suggests so do your research first. More developers are releasing patches so their add ons are compatible but dovetail gave no details to any of them of the changes so they could only start redoing their products after it was released. Don't buy the steam dlc either most of it is re released fsx crap from 2006.

I have FSX and FSX Gold and both have major problems, after flying for sometime they had a tendency to crash and the only way I could get them going again was to uninstall them and then remove registry entries otherwise they would not run when reinstalled. I have found this problem still exists in the steam version but at least it does not take that long to reinstall and I hope will be dealt with eventually.

I have heard great reviews on the steam version. However those who own sceneries from Aerosoft, FTX and others will have to wait for an update installer to use them. Aerosoft is working on some of their scenery now. With that being said, they still do not warrant that it will work correctly. So it may be a while before stuff is compatible!

I have seen a few videos of the steam version and to be honest, it does not look all that different in graphics and simulation purposes. It looks exactly the same to me. The only true difference is not having to worry about losing or destroying the install disk. That is probably the only flip side to having the steam version. So if you have hundreds of dollars spent on addon scenery, you may want to think about that before you make this purchase. Not all addon developers are on board with steam patch installers. So far I have only heard about Aerosoft working on their products.

As for all those who are having issues with their FSX crashing is mainly due to installing and removing game files. Once the game registry is botched, you need to go in and fix it. I have never experienced a game crash from the original FSX installed. I have been running it for a little over six years now. I also suggest using an SSD drive for FSX as it makes the game load and run way better!

tj Williams my fsx and its add ons has its own ssd with nothing else on it. I've got a second ssd with win7 and all the drivers on and a 2tb hdd for everything else. Steam is installed on the hdd. I don't get any random crashes normally it does go slightly white saying not responding but leave it alone and its find after a minute or two. My original fsx only crashed as soon as I installed the steam edition. On the free flight screen it crashes whenever I pressed any of the sub menus like aircraft selection etc. since a full reinstall of win and fsx ive had no problems and the steam edition will stay in my steam library until the day every add on is supported. I havnt taken a good look at prep3d yet but if it goes 64 but it will be worth a look. Only problem being ive already spent $90 on the pmdg 777 and I can't justify another $130 for the prep3d version. With active sky next, Rex 4 texture direct and sceneries I have it looks a lot nicer than out of the box prep3d. I'm running a i7 4790k @4.7ghz and 2 x gtx770 all watercooled so I am able to use nvidea dynamic super resolution 4k on my 1080p monitors and still get 25fps at heathrow on vatsim.

For the questions above, I have been experiencing FSX Steam Edition for quite a time now. There are a lot of posıtıve features but the most important one is DirectX 10 support. This makes the graphics quality better and you get more fps. Second one is memory usage. I had a lot of crashes with FSX and now I have zero crash with FSX-SE exactly for the same conditions. Although FSX and FSX-SE can reside side by side, It needs a lot of back-office work. I decided to uninstall FSX and re-installed FSX-SE where now it is exactly same as FSX. So now I can use every addon I have with FSX-SE. I have PMDG 737-800, REX, Active Sky, a bunch of add-on aircrafts, as scenery all Europe of MegaSceneryEarth some US ones, special landmark ones. All work much better than they used to be in FSX before. All my Saitek (I have all Pro-Flight instruments) devices, FSUIPC, EZDOK .... all work perfect with FSX-SE. Short of long, I have no problems with any add-on I already have and better performance with better graphics.

My experience with Steam has not been positive. Just trying to install MegaScenery was off-putting enough to drive me right back to FSX. After many hours of fighting the problems I just gave up. If something changes I may go back but as of now I fail to see any advantage to Steam over FSX alone.

I have used Xplane 10 for 4 years. This year I also installed FSX on the same computerI am genneral satisfied with the program I have some problems with additional aircafts from just flightWhen I put in serial numbers I am not connected to there serverI have Windows 8.1 and Norton AntivirusEven when disconnecting Anti virus and set Google security to medium I can not solve the problemThis kind of problem I never had with X-plane 10 Additional Aircafts

Steams version of FSX known as FSX-SE has so far for me been a good experience, to me it is FSX on steroids or what FSX should have evolved to when being produced by Microsoft. Visual sim rate wise it works like a champ, I have mine set to 30 FPS and even when flying out of JFK or making an approach into Boston-Logan the frame rates are very acceptable and that is with Electronic Flight Bag, FSX-SE Next weather program, Traffic-360, and all while flying Aerosoft Airbus A320.FSX-SE for now cannot do what either P3D or X-Plane can do, and that is officially be considered a platform that you can log real world flight simulation time for your FAA requirements. As far as who has the better visuals for right now I have to give to P3D but with the latest changes to FSX-SE, I would have to say the short comings are not as vast.Price wise I have to give it to FSX-SE, very much easier on the pocket book.Updates, this I again I have to give it to FSX-SE, if Dovetail has a mod to the platform they change it automatically and to the program they make it very easy to fix and not make you have to do a complete reinstall.Another great thing I have seen is the ability to purchase and add on missions. I have both P3D ver 2.5 and the latest version of FSX-SE installed, my predicament from choosing just one sim is that of interchangeability, certain flight sims like Captain Sim work fine for FSX-SE where as for P3D, no. Unless I want to purchase that model that has been reworked to run on that platform. Slowly but surely the 3rd party software makers are incorporating FSX-SE into their software changes. Eventually just like when I deleted FSX from my hard drive for good I will have to weigh the choice of removing either FSX-SE or P3D and that will be based on a sim platform that has a future that is being supported, and is very stable. I look forward to the day when fellow simmers will talk about FSX-SE if it should happen as well as they do about FS9 or Microsoft Flight 2004.What will make FSX-SE a flight sim to recon with is when they can make an add-on that with a little work could transform FS9 panels and be able to create panels form scratch without having to know how to code. Then I think we will see and explosion of freeware that just like FS5 through FS10, made the ranks of fellow simmers swell and the 3rd party retailers come out with some quality sims add ons.

Great work from dovetail games. I have been using FSX till 2006 and I faced a lot of problems especially memory crashes and now with Steam edition I faced no problems. Also it is very easy to move FSX:SE from one folder to another since it is wrapped by steam. Second is better fps because of directx 10 support. All addons (FSUIPC, EZDOK, Aerosoft Aircrafts, PMDG 738, Aerosoft Scenery and all other scenery (Megasceneryearth and others) works perfectly. Be sure to uninstall FSX first and then Install FSX:SE so it will create and use original FSX folders where you do not need to do background work. Best I only paid nothing with the very first day promo. And also all my devices (Saitek (I have all), Trackir5, , Plan-G etc. works. 153554b96e


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