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Vuze Serial Key

FEATURE: UI Restructured Library view context (right-click) menu [TuxPaper]FEATURE: UI A basic quick-options plugin bar view [Parg]FEATURE: UI Support upload/download disable for Tag rate limits [Parg]FEATURE: UI Support .vuze files in the plugin installation wizard [Parg]FEATURE: UI Added some subscription settings to the sidebar context menu [Parg]FEATURE: UI Explicit browser configuration option for non-public content [Parg]FEATURE: UI Option to hide do-not-download files in the Files View [Parg]FEATURE: UI Right-click menu option in Peers View to kick a peer without banning them [Parg]FEATURE: UI Support for output redirection from console UI commands [Parg]FEATURE: Core Swarm merging - _Merging [Parg]FEATURE: Core Option to automatically select files for 'do not download' based on file type suffix [Parg]FEATURE: Core Device transcodes can now be auto-shared and tagged [Parg]FEATURE: Core isComplete, percentage and age added to Tag constraint language [Parg]FEATURE: Plug Decentralized chat - _Chat [Parg]FEATURE: Plug RSS-to-chat plugin - _To_Chat [Parg]FEATURE: Plug TorBrowser plugin now supports browsing of .i2p content [Parg]FEATURE: Plug Play-to DLNA enabled devices support [TuxPaper]FEATURE: Plug Swarm search is now also accessible via right-click menu [Parg]... read more 153554b96e

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