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Cucm 8.6 Iso Download.rar


Cucm 8.6 Iso Download.rar

You're making this hard on yourself by doing it that way, but, if you want to use that route, your only option is to use BAT to get the data from 8.6 to 11.5, and don't forget that since those are different major releases, you'll have to massage the data as required before you can import on 11.5 Taking a BAT export and importing it without doing anything to it, can only be done for the same version, just as DRS. Easier alternatives: A) PCD migration B) Install your SAME release on UCS, DRS restore, then upgrade. For the license, you need to engage licensing to move it. Hi, In CUCM 11 licenses are user based and there are no DLU's or node based licenses. For migrating licenses you need to download and run the License Count [LCU] utility on one of your workstations. LCU would contact your 8.6 CUCM Publisher and give u a breakup of UCL/CUWL licenses.

Hello,cUCM 8.6 release is planned to be pushed out over the next few months. Please allow us to publish the release to your UCM release repository. If you are having issues with the update, please dig into the release and verify that your configuration is setup to support the new release.

Please note that convert and convert import is no longer supported in 11.5. There is a feature in the release that would allow you to import one IBM license file in 11.5 on a user's production systems if they have a license only valid for one computer. d2c66b5586


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