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Portable Sothink Movie DVD Maker Pro V3.5 HOT!

Portable Sothink Movie DVD Maker Pro V3.5 --->

Portable Sothink Movie DVD Maker Pro V3.5 HOT!

All blocks are required for and can not be deleted prior to the CPU being reset back to factory. If the blocks were left in memory they may be deleted as you wish and the system will read them back in on startup.

There are some options for downloading a system file that are different for non siliconed boards and PCBs. If you have a silicon backed board, the only option is to download a siliconed project card. If you have a PCB then you have options to download either a default project file or a user project file. If you have a default project file the following steps will download the project and load it to memory.

The project will be successfully loaded to memory and the different blocks will be loaded to memory sequentially. The project will be loaded under the Main File Name Table (MMT) item in the Project List.

A non siliconed project will not install the SIMATIC default hardware. To install the SIMATIC default hardware, use the Load to memory Project with a default project file, select the Load to Memory item in the Project Menu. d2c66b5586


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