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Plot Cast Ajay Devgn as Vijay "DJ" Khanna Raveena Tandon as Simran Mithun Chakraborty as Prof. Gupta Parveen Babi as Sheela Gupta David Abraham as David Sajid Khan as Simran's Father Prem Chopra as Simran's Father Shekhar Kapur as Minister/Moolchand Ashish Vidyarthi as Govind Kapoor Jayesh Walia as Shekhar Vindu Dara Singh as Jattu Anupam Kher as Babu Paresh Rawal as Himself Paresh Saxena as Himself Soundtrack References External links Category:1994 films Category:1990s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Films scored by Bappi LahiriOur lab is interested in the structure and function of proteins. We are especially interested in the role of protein structures in the regulation of cellular function. We are particularly interested in the regulation of blood coagulation by contact activation of factor XII. Factor XII is activated in the contact system by factor XII binding to a complex of high molecular weight kininogen and prekallikrein. Factor XII is activated to the high-molecular-weight-enzyme (factor XIIa) by limited proteolysis of the heavy chain of factor XII. Factor XIIa can then activate factor XI, factor IX, prekallikrein, and factor XI. Factor XII is a member of the non-enzymatic coagulation cascade which leads to a series of protein interactions culminating in thrombin formation. Factor XII is a major initiator of the contact system cascade, while the kallikrein-kinin system is a major regulator of coagulation. Mutations in factor XII can be inherited as either hereditary angioedema (HAE) or as factor XII deficiency. We have a large panel of mutants of factor XII, which we can use to define the function of specific amino acids in factor XII in its activation by contact with either high molecular weight kininogen or prekallikrein. We are investigating the structure of the factor XII heavy chain in its interaction with the light chain and prekallikrein. We are also investigating the structure of factor XIIa and the potential role of calcium in regulation of the kallikrein-kinin system.




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